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The strategy in the treatment of each individual client relies on a team of specialists that work together to offer the best results possible. Our staff consists of Psychiatrists and Therapists that offer services to adults 21 years of age and older.* The New Life program incorporates established techniques designed to be most effective in treatment.

We strive to help the individual through necessary active guidance so that he/she may become an intricate, useful, and integral part of society. The program is tailored to the clients needs, so that the client may effectively cope with their emotions and behaviors.

*For full details on the new state regulations regarding adult outpatient services, please visit the About Us page.

Clinical Services: Our Services
Doctor and Patient


  • Psychiatric Assessment

  • Psychiatric Evaluation

  • Individual Therapy

  • Family Therapy

  • Psychopharmacology

Clinical Services: Welcome


New Life, as a Mental Health Care provider, has a reliable and dedicated staff that is always available to a client at risk. Our staff is familiar with local inpatient and outpatient providers in the area if a need for referral is warranted. If we are unable to assist to your needs, we will make every effort to refer you to the appropriate level of care.

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